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This is the way the world ends, not with a bang but a whimper.....TS Eliot

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Goodbye my friends....

Some Final Words



Well, this is indeed at the end folks. It has been an interesting ride.

The FTB switch has been thrown (Fade To Black), and it is time to begin some cleanup.

T minus 1 at the moment, it seems.


Here is a glimpse of the future for you, make your own plans accordingly.


To all -

Blueprint for the immediate future -

This is confidential material from a very highly placed financial analyst – inventor of the Web-Bot, and several 'predictive' software applications. Today – he has been proven correct again as this rate hike was seen by him almost a year ago, and predicted accurately to the month and week.

The market and economy are following an “echo” (he calls them “rhymes” of the 1929 Stock Market crash, and he has shown that these “echoes” occur on a regular cycle.

I pass this on to close friends as it coincides with the dates in the book “Surviving Midnight” - chapters 6 and 25, among others. The scenario in the book would also dovetail nicely with the April date in note 5 below. Too many coincidences here to ignore.

(link to book – www.survivingmidnight.webs.com)

Excerpt :

"...1.  Between now and election time, there will be a generally rising sense of optimism.  That will bolster the markets.

<update - this happened exactly as predicted, except markets are now near the top>

2.  The Fed may actually do something besides talk-talk on rates this week.  Initially, that should result in a market decline.  It should end this week, or next, but down maybe a couple of hundred points from here, if history replays perfectly.

But in the longer-term, that will force huge dead pools of capital to come out of the closet and seek something better than ultra low-interest returns.

<update  - exactly as predicted, the Fed has been raising rates, making the illusion that the market is strong, at the same time printing money at rates nearing 11%, just to keep the inflation rate at 2%. This means that DEFLATION has been running at 8%, a serious and unseen problem.>

update 2019 - still going strong - the illusion anyway...


 3.  With this, we should have a massive rally in the stock market in 2016.  Money seeking higher yields will drive the Dow up, I figure, to 23,000.  Between you and me, though, it could be closer to 30,000. 

The precise target, if you were to hold my feet to the fire, is 30,663 on the Dow.  By January-March 2017.

<Update  - as of friday last, Dow was at 24,456. At the time this was written, it was 17,000. We did not meet the 2017 target of 30K, as the "trump bump" was late in taking effect due to political turmoil. It now appears this may occur in the next few months.>

update 2019 - markets at 25,063, getting into range now... 

4.  There is one other thing that might be driving the Dow.  The arrival of a rate increase may signal the decline of the American dollar.  It could very well touch off hyper-inflation.  But only in certain asset classes.

update 2019 - the Fed backed off, for this reason...

We know that is baked in the cake because hyper-inflation (oh, and world war) is the ONLY proven way out of a Depression. 

<update - The decline occurred, but only as a series of short lived corrections.  The War Hawks have been extremely busy during this time however (North Korea, China) , but have been held at bay so far. If a war does happen , hyper-inflation is inevitable.>


5.  The run-up should last until September of October of 2016.  And after that, the market will be watching things closely.  Not later than April of 2017, however, and more likely March, whoever the new president is will have a major falter/stumbling, or misfortune.

This could be anything:  A crazy lone gunman, a stroke, a plane crash – who knows.  But whoever the Vice President is would then be thrust into the limelight.

<Update -So far, in spite of numerous attempts, Trump has avoided this, however the trade war with China could factor in here. These past two years have been a struggle for him, but despite the odds he plowed forward. In keeping with the "Rhyme" or "echo" of 1929, the Fed has raised the rates, and the trade tariff deals are in the works (like 1929), so all in keeping with the past so far.>


6.  At any rate, after the collapse of confidence, the market begins a huge, three-year decline which will take us to the most painful (and I should I mention violent) low in America’s economic history?

At the end of the decline, in 2020, home prices will be reduced to rubble.  In other words, if you have a $350,000 home, expect in purchasing power terms to have a $50,000 home in the spring of 2020.  Pray for better, but plan for that.  It could be a million or it could be $10,000.  Point is to compare loaves of bread rather than “money” because money is crooked.

Still, like it, or not, the drill for the next year or two should be a huge market run-up,  widespread disappointment and loss of confidence setting in by the spring of 2017, and from there a spiral of either deflation (or hyperinflation) that will collapse all asset classes.

Once you have this perspective firmly in view, you can see where in terms of prepping, we have another year, or two.  Relax, enjoy, but don’t waste the time.

If you wanted to pencil in an EMP “accident” in Q1 2017 as a possible high-point for markets, rather than a great presidential misfortune, that’d be fine with me.  Particularly if the (whoever is president) doesn’t respond, thereby showing weakness and that points to the exit door with “End of American Exceptionalism” painted on it.

update 2019 - this "event" has not occurred...yet. I am confident given the current political situation, that it will. We are only in a waiting room at the moment...



The melting pot is about to tip over, but not until it all comes to a full boil.

And we’ve got a ways to go on that, yet.  The fires of history burn hot...."



Prepping away - MM



Addendum -(I will be adding to this occasionally to provide a bit of background, so keep checking)

For those thinking of doing the same, be advised, this is not a sudden cold-turkey kind of thing.

When you leave tracks in the sand or the snow, they stay pretty fresh for awhile. But over time they become less visible, harder to see as other tracks, storms, rain and such tend to blur the image, and the tracks become more faint, harder to follow, and invisible in some areas.

This is how you eliminate digital tracks as well. Letting the digital storms obscure them, purposely crossing other tracks with them, inserting 'fuzz' and chaos into them. 

It is time to start, for those with discernment. Time to begin many things now. Get started.